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when u listen to 20 dollar nose bleed for the first time and u realize ITS BRENDON 

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Hey guys, hope your skin is clear and you get a text from someone you like real soon.

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Are you shitting me, someone can actually just look at a picture of Patrick Stump and calculate the size of his dick

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ok so i used a bulge pic from the soul punk era ya know the one with him in like gray dress pants and like a sports shirt idk but i found the proportions of his bulge to his total height and converted it to inches and then solved for the triangle of the curve of his dick to the left and yeah you don't care but PATRICK'S DICK IS 6.3 INCHES SOFT



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i want to be so good at math that i can calculate a dick size from a picture

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Oh, the places you can find musical lyrics


Oh, the places you can find musical lyrics

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u shouldnt take unauthorized pics of broadway shows but heck if youre going to at least upload them to the internet so i can cry over them

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So I decided to keep a pitcher of water in my room so I wouldn’t have to keep on walking downstairs to refill my glass and if that doesn’t sound lazy enough to you I just gave up using the glass and am drinking it straight from the pitcher

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What r u supposed to do when i find a friend on tinder like do u say yes cuz ur friends

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K so this guy who I’m still friends with who awkwardly asked me for my number freshman year and I freaked out and said no to GOT REALLY CUTE HOLY FUXKC

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if you started liking arctic monkeys after AM came out i don’t like you

indirect to every arctic monkeys “”“fan”“” at my school

God forbid someone isn’t fortunate enough to be introduced to a band until a v successful album is brought to their attention which they connect to and like and then discover all the music they’ve missed from them. wow sorry people are introduced to bands at different time periods.

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"Let’s be alone together." "If you love me, let me go.”

MASH UP: Alone Together by Fall Out Boy (vs) This Is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco


Please take a minute to check out my music tag which has more mash ups and stuff, and my original music project, Greater Than.

my jaw dropped
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